Hi there,
just wanted to ask if anybody already knows how non standard protocols can be handled in the webinterface.

For example I still have users sending emails to Zimbra recepients with Domino links inside.

Those can be either of a simple hyperlink:
<a href=3D"Notes://DAL-KEHL-LN03/C12568BF0046ED0C//1BD9DCBE179B0AB2C125=

Or if selected as Document link and pasted outside Notes of an XML part:
Contacts - Prospection \ 1. Tout
<REPLICA C12568BF:0046ED0C>
<VIEW OFADCBAEB7:83824383-ONC12568A4:006D1402>
<NOTE OF1BD9DCBE:179B0AB2-ONC12572DC:0052017B>

I think best would be to rebuild the href if sent as XML and to allow the "Notes://" protocol in the web interface...