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    Question Admin extension dev help

    For the past few weeks i was trying to write and admin extension which could add/remove one or more extra attributes similar to the mail alias option already built in. Since i am not a developer but an administrator i need to ask someone
    for assistance. In case someone can help me I will be able to send couple of beers with UPS/Fedex or DHL

    Seems that the beer does not do the work... maybe a bottle of Jack Daniels or similar will do it...

    Ok... Let me rephrase the question or request...
    Is there someone out there who is willing to dedicate couple of hours working for me or at least advice
    me how to update some ldap entries, within an admin extension ? Of course as i mentioned above
    it will not be for free....

    In case some of the admins/moderators think that this is not the appropriate place to place
    this question/request, please feel free to remove it, but let me know where would it be the right place
    to post this... by now i am running out of ideas...

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