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Thread: Error finding jdk on Ubuntu fiesta

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    Angry Error finding jdk on Ubuntu fiesta

    ankit@ankit-laptop:/home/public/p4/FRANKLIN/ZimbraBuild$ ./
    Checking for prerequisite binaries
    Checking ant
    Checking java
    Checking for required JDK tarball
    Error: jdk file needed for ZCS packaging not available
    Necessary version is: 1.5.0_17
    Please create /home/public/p4/FRANKLIN/ZimbraBuild/../ThirdPartyBuilds/i386/java/jdk1.5.0_17.tgz
    Which is an extracted then retarred version of JDK 1.5 downloaded from
    Java SE Downloads - Previous Release - JDK 5

    I am using ubuntu on VMBox. i have downloaded jdk1.5.0_17 as mentioned and installed at /user/local/ .Then it says to make a tarrball in the error so created a tarrball and placed it inside directory ThirdPartyBuilds/i386/java/ .Placed this directory inside ZimbraBuild/
    Still no joy.

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    This is in the wrong forum, the Installation forum is for problems installing the provided binary build of Zimbra. I'll move it to Developers for you.


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