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Thread: SOAP request to find resources?

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    Default SOAP request to find resources?

    Hi, I am building a custom administrative frontend for Zimbra and
    I am trying to find how I query Zimbra for a list of aqvailable resources.

    A SOAP query like

    <SearchDirectoryRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraAdmin">
    <query xmlns="">(objectClass=zimbraCalendarResource)</query>

    does not produce result.

    How do I search for Zimbra serources?
    Should this be another LDAP query or entirely different SOAP request.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi, I think you're looking for this SOAP call. More like it in the soap-admin.txt documentation:

      [<domain by="id|name">...</domain>]
      [<server by="id|name">...</server>]
      <calresource name="{name}" id="{id}">
        <a n="...">...</a>+
    Access: domain admin sufficient

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