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    Quote Originally Posted by adobrin
    1) Resizable columns, sortable columns (i.e. i can't sort by "Sender" right now), and pluggable columns (If i want to replace say, Internal-Date with X-Sent-Date). It would help to have these fields available in the Search Builder, too.

    2) Tasks. Sure, it would be great to have this integrated with a custom forms and workflow engine (as it seems that's your projected-path), but its just, well, missing right now. -- Along these same lines, I'm eventually hoping we're getting a Notes-like forms builder--thats the plan, right?

    3) A way to script popups/mashups into the system via the Admin UI.
    1) Good idea. This in on our list. It's a bit trickier since in conversation mode there are more than one *sender*.

    2) Tasks yes. Forms we'll for the most part enable with the API that we use to create the mash-ups you've seen today Skype, Google Maps, Fedex/UPS, etc. This API is not in the code today as it will be in final form but it's coming and should provide the hooks needed to make some top notch integrations.

    3) Yes. As I said above, we've got some pretty cool plans around this and hope to expose at least some of this via the admin UI.
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