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Thread: [SOLVED] Problem when displaying messages on home page

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    Default [SOLVED] Problem when displaying messages on home page

    Hi, I tried to set a home page in Zimbra using portlets with the com_zimb_html zimlet, but there is some trouble with the display of my unread messages.

    To show only unread messages, I get the instance of the MailboxManager - MailboxManager.getInstance() - then I get the list of MailItems in the Inbox folder of his mailbox, testing the isUnread() value of each MailItem.

    This works fine in the first place, but when I read a message (from the Mail tab), and refresh my home page, it displays exactly the same number of messages as before. The refresh works because if I send a new mail to my user, the home page displays it in the unread messages, but every other mail I read are still here : the only way I have to show the right number of unread messages is to restart the instance of Zimbra...(it does not work if I juste clear cache or cookies of my browser).

    Does anybody knows how to refresh my home page and getting the right value ? Thx.

    I do a :
    (where mbx is an instance of my mailbox).
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