I'm currently building a client app that uses the soap api of zimbra to provide a client for the IM features on zimbra that works via http.

Several reasons prevent using regular xmpp protocol and apps and the web client built into the webmail interface is a little over the top - as well as not being particular good ( a lot of notifications aren't received until the user presses a key to send the <typing> command which receives notifications. )

Anyways I've got a client working pretty well thus far. I can log in a user, get a buddy list and send messages, BUT i can't get any notifications
I've used firebug to see what the web client built into the webmail interface is doing and i'm replicating that ( IE sending noop messages and notifications of a user typing ) excepting to receive several notifications like new messages and confirmation a message has been sent, however i'm not getting any back.

I've identified a "seq" property which i'm getting from the responses from the server and sending them with each request. documentation on how to do this is pretty non existent - from what i can find - and the soap documentation misses a lot of information on the correct steps and order in which to send requests to get things right.

Anyways if anyone can give me any advice it would be great.