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Thread: Is there a register of listeners?

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    Default Is there a register of listeners?

    Is there a register of listeners which have been added to elements in Zimbra? I've trawled the DOM in Firebug but can't see the wood for the trees to be honest.

    What I'm trying to do is to transfer or duplicate functionality from an existing button which is buried in a dropdown menu on a different part of the page to a new button which I have created on the toolbar. I just want to add the same listener and function to my new button. I don't want to reparent the existing button, just duplicate its function.

    I've seen similar questions asked before, but can't find the answer anywhere. As far as I can make out, there is no built in register in Javascript in any of the browsers, though it has been proposed. I presume that Zimbra keeps its own register, but where is it!?


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    I've had some luck with this after more digging around. It must be a terribly unorthodox method though:

    controller ="GetComposeController");
    This makes my button on the toolbar open the contacts picker which the To button on the compose form normally does. That's just an example of the sort of thing I'm trying to do though, and the same trick doesn't work for other buttons. Just thought I'd post it here for a laugh.

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