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Thread: ical to create appointment

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    Default ical to create appointment

    I got a scheduling system which help us to schedule the meeting.

    Whenever we schedule a meeting in this system, it will send out the mails to the attendee and the host/presenter.

    This work very same like using the Zimbra's calendaring. You drag the duration on the certain date in the calendar and specify the details of the appointment. Add attendee.
    In ZCS, when you add an appointment, it will send an email to the attendee to notify the attendee. If you check the "Request Response" option when you adding an appointment, the attendee will need to click the "Accept" button when they open their mail. When the attendee click on the Accept button, the host (who created the appointment) will receive the email saying the attendee will attend.

    I've modify my scheduling system where it can send out the ical email to the host and attendee. No problem.
    Both sides can view the details of the appointment/meeting. Both sides did see the "Accept" button.

    For attendee, when they clicked on the "Accept" button, it will added to the attendee's calendar. Beside, it will send an email to the host saying that this user has been accepted and will attend. This is what I want.

    However, for the host, whenever the user clicked on the "Accept" button, I got an error message saying encoding problem. It cannot be proceed.
    After few days work out, I found the reason.

    The problem is due to the way of creating an appointment/meeting are not the same.
    In Zimbra, by default, when you create an appointment, you will have to go to the calendar tab and enter the information. But now, instead of using that way, i tried to use ical inline text attachment to create an appointment/meeting which is not valid but that is ok for attendee since it was the way it work in Zimbra to accept an invitation of meeting/appointment.

    Now my question, how do I use ical to create an appointment in Zimbra? What are the proper format/properties? I'm new to ical .

    I've attach the txt file below, this is what I send to the host. It's work on attendee but NOT the host.

    Hope you understand what Im saying. Thanks for reading!!!
    Any comments are welcome!
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    Set up iCal with a CalDAV account on Zimbra. You must use iCal 3.0. Some instructions are at

    Once this is done, you can create an appointment directly in iCal by making an event and inviting attendees by email address.

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    Thanks Ewilen! Thank for the guide.

    I will look into it!

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