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Thread: Installing zimbra with native debian lenny x86_64 packages

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    Default Installing zimbra with native debian lenny x86_64 packages


    My be I have too much time or want to learn how zimbra works or thinks that packages from debian should be used where ever possible, any way, I am exploring if I can just configure pure debian packages in such a way that zimbra can use them instead of just compiling an installing a custom version of all open source packages.

    I am having a debian lenny x86_64 box and there is no zimbra available for it. So I am thinking rather than just building all from source why not just configure zimbra so that it can just use the debian packages where ever possible. This *theoretically* has the advantage that upgrading clamav etc will be independent of zimbra and can use the full power of debian package repository.

    I have no idea if what I am attempting is stupid or not but I have not seen any one attempting to do this. So just checking with community if there are any major road blocks ahead of my path

    Release 4.0.2_GA_362.RHEL4_20060924201056 CentOS4 FOSS edition

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    Yep, the packages have been modified for Zimbra use I would really not attempt this for three reasons 1) Will most probably fail 2) Issues when ZCS is upgraded 3) No support. Sorry

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