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Thread: Spam filtering with External POP/IMAP

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    Default Spam filtering with External POP/IMAP

    Has there been any progress in with respect to Spam filtering with External POP/IMAP accounts? The bug tracker has this Bug 14047 – AntiSpam doesn't work with external POP3 Account filed but there hasn't been updates for a while.

    Any known workarounds? Fetchmail won't scale well and requires administrator to manually add remove accounts.

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    That bug is not scheduled to be implemented until the next but one major release of Zimbra.


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    Thanks Bill, I have gone through the code and it doesn't seem like a simple fix especially with IMAP. Any thoughts on how you are planning to implement this feature? I could give it a shot and submit a patch. Here is my analysis so far. If using POP I could call Spam Assassin when a message is received this should set the mail headers and that would give kick in the seive filters which i believe is used to move the messages to the Junnk folder. But this may not work in the case of IMAP since the entire message may not be available at that point.

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