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Thread: zcs-5.0.17 sources: small problem

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    Default zcs-5.0.17 sources: small problem

    I have small problem with 5.0.17 sources:
    grep -i 'ldap_version[^)]' zcs-5.0.17_GA_2909-src/ZimbraBuild/defs/plat_common.def zcs-5.0.17_GA_2909-src/ThirdParty/Makefile
    zcs-5.0.17_GA_2909-src/ZimbraBuild/defs/plat_common.def:LDAP_VERSION :=
    zcs-5.0.17_GA_2909-src/ThirdParty/Makefile:LDAP_VERSION ?=
    I assume 10z to be in both places as minor number in ldap version. Is it correct assumtion?
    -- Sergey Ivanov

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    using the tip of a branch, such as FRANKLIN, may expose you to in-progress work, such as updates to software builds like you see here. You can manually modify the .def file if you like. There is no "5.0.17" release yet. When there is, there will be a FRANKLIN-5017 branch to build from.
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