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Thread: String Lists supported in Sieve Rules?

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    Question String Lists supported in Sieve Rules?

    Does Zimbra support the use of "String Lists"?

    From RFC3028, section
    For instance, the test `header :contains ["To", "Cc"]
    ["", ""]' is true if either the
    To header or Cc header of the input message contains either of the
    e-mail addresses "" or "".

    I have not been able to figure out how to use SaveRulesRequest and store data which would produce the following script:

    if allof ( header :contains ["From","Subject"]
    [ "ADV:", "adult dvd", "adult movie", "adultdirect", "adultemail" ] )
    fileinto "/Junk";

    THANKS in advance

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    Is this just for your own account, or are you migrating from a sieve-supporting system to Zimbra?

    I don't know that we tried string lists like that, but we were able to enter rules impossible to express with the exposed UI, and they worked. However, even if you could get the rules into place with zmmailbox/SOAP, it would break any future use of the GUI. Not a good idea.

    We found that only a small proportion of our cyrus/imp users had created filters, and a large proportion of them were obviously wrong or at least absurdly overbroad. Some "lost" email was "found" as a result.

    It was painful, but we told users to look at their old rules and copy the still applicable rules manually. Few did.

    Btw, if a "fileinto /Junk" rule is actually a good idea, then it probably belongs in /opt/zimbra/conf/spamassassin/, not a per-user sieve file.

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