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Thread: [SOLVED] how to create new Operation?

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    Default [SOLVED] how to create new Operation?

    I like zimbra(of course). But I have a problem when I want to create new Operation in Zimbra.
    I need to add a new menu item when I click on a folder tree. I think I must define a new operation in ZmOperation:
    ZmOperation.registerOP("Share_all",{textKey:" Share this foder to public"});
    Then I must add it to a menu action of folder tree.
    But in fact, it's not work!
    Who can help me: how I do in this case? Thank you.

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    Default I resolved

    Ok, now, I can resolve it. Too simple, You must define operation in ZmOperation.js then use createMenuItem of ZmPopupMenu object to add it to menu context. Notice: you should check if this menuItem is present before add it to menu context. have fun!!!

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