Our setup consists of 2 mailbox servers running 5.0.16. I need to be able to capture changes in user accounts across both mailbox servers and am using the AdminWaitSet to watch all accounts. In testing with just one mailbox the waitset works great and I get every change that I expect to see. The difficulty comes in when adding the second mailbox server and only creating the waitset on the first server. What happens is that the waitset doesn't report anything for the users on the second mailbox.

In more detail:
  1. Connect on admin port of first mailbox server
  2. Do an AdminCreateWaitSetRequest for all accounts and all types
  3. Do AdminWaitSetRequest
  4. Login in as user on second mailbox server
  5. Add a new contact in the addressbook

When I do this nothing is reported to the AdminWaitSetRequest. Does the waitset span mailbox servers or are they limited to only the server where the waitset is created? If they can span multiple servers is there something special that needs to be done?