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Thread: New idea for "public folder" function

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    Default New idea for "public folder" function

    Hi all!
    I have an idea for "public folder" function of zimbra. When I read the document of open source version, I asked myself:" why zimbra doesn't support this function like Exchange or Mdaemon" and I received an answer that "we ce can't automatically display all
    available shares in the user's folder list, as that would entail huge
    startup overhead, crowded folder lists, and intractable notification/sync
    But I think we can not care about that if we can create a new right in LDAP:" CanCreatePublicFolder" and so only who has that right can create public folder, and everyone he shares must auto accept, not send share message, not click accept button

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    anyone, let's vote for this idea if you think it's good

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