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Thread: Flying Toasters

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    Default Flying Toasters

    I know that the dev team has been working on the toaster.

    In the mean time, for all you code hounds, here is a place to start to get a toaster on your desktop going.

    The is built for G-mail, but I assume you could edit the URLs and match them up with what Zimbra needs.

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    Apologies for the ressurecting of an old post, but I was wondering where people were with this stuff?

    I've looked at the linked page but cannot work out how to make it work with zimbra. Is there an easy way to do it, or could someone point me to a very simple toaster app that works with zimbra, either via pop3 or imap or soap?

    I've looked at dozens of mail notification apps on the net and cant find one that's "right". Most of them have so much functionality that they are really email clients in their own right, not a simple notifier.

    All I want is a little popup in the tool tray area that says, you got mail. That's all! Does anyone have anything like this in use already?

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    Default Mail notification via RSS

    You just need to use a third-party app that speaks one of the protocols that the Zimbra server recognizes (POP, IMAP, RSS, Atom, etc.). Up to now I've been using PopTray with their IMAP plugin to check for new messages in my inbox:

    It works pretty well for the most part, but I've found a number of bugs when using more advanced features like previewing messages.

    A couple of people brought up that their firewall doesn't allow POP/IMAP access to their Zimbra server. One way around this is to use the Zimbra REST interface. Roland wrote a blog entry about REST earlier this year:

    I just set up Feedreader ( to check my inbox. I haven't tested it extensively, but it seems to work pretty well so far. If you add a feed and point it to<login>/inbox.rss you'll get a popup and the Feedreader icon in your systray will turn yellow whenever you get mail.


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