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Thread: hooks on events versus synchronizing to call a web service

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    Default hooks on events versus synchronizing to call a web service

    Are there any event "hooks" to allow one to fire off something (some code) or web service call when an event is added/updated/modified?

    I'm trying to scope a bit of development work for a client who wants to be able to "sync" up third party billing system with some information when a Zimbra event is added. The specific example is, they add an event in the calendar, and it adds the event in the other system.

    The system/web-app on the other side speaks web services fine, and my current thoughts are to use the Zimbra synchronization (Zimbra/docs/soap.txt: Synchronize and newer: ZimbraServer/docs/sync.txt), but don't want it to get too complex if it doesn't need to be.

    If I used the sync method and just found changes/deltas, I would need to design my glue to poll Zimbra for recently added events, which wouldn't be that bad, but before I continue, I just wanted to see if there's a way to get event level hooks so as soon as an event or contact or anything is added/updated/deleted, I could do the relatively same action on the other system.

    Charles Brian Quinn

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    No event hooks today, but it's something we plan to add in the future.
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    Default Hooks today?

    What about present day? It's nov 2008... any hooks yet?

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    Default How about now?

    Hooks there yet?

    :-) I'm kidding, but I would need something like this:

    I need a way to send a welcome mail to a new added user.

    My client refuses to use the commandline for account provisioning so I can not use the commandline (which would be easy).

    Is there a way to do it with, like an zimlet? I did not find anything.
    Is there at least a possibility to hook into account creation so an external tool can send an email?


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