I work for an IT group who has recently overseen the migration of our campus' webmail to Zimbra. As a lot of our staff would like to be able to compose a message by just clicking on a mailto: link, I have looked into several fixes for this. I have already tried a Javascript fix in Firefox using the following line of code:

javascript:window.navigator.registerProtocolHandle r("mailto","https://pilotwebmail.k-state.edu/zimbra/mail?view=compose&to=%s","Zimbra")

This works to an extent, but the To: field will typically read mailto:noone@ksu.edu rather than noone@ksu.edu. This may not seem like a large problem, but our staff has still had problems with it.

I recently ran across the Zimbra Toaster app and thought it might be a good fix, however, since the account name and password must be specified it will not work for our purposes. If there is anyone who could help by modifying the Zimbra Toaster app so it can redirect mailto: links without this authentication, I would appreciate it.