Hi everyone

I am currently investigating Calendar features as I test out the trial of ZCS NE. My question pertains to syncing a single account's multiple calendars with each other.

The idea is to setup a "company" account with multiple calendars. The "All" calendar would be used to create appointments visible to internal and external users. This account should sync to the "Internal" and "External" calendars. Any appointments that should be specific to either the "Internal" and/or "External" calendars would be done so on those calendars alone. I tried setting up the "Internal" and "External" calendars with remote access to the "All" calendar but I get the "server is not responding" message.

Is there a possible way around this? At first this Zimbra project was looked at as a replacement for our mail system but the more I play around with it, I keep finding more uses for it and more systems it can replace. TIA for any guidance and assistance.