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    Default PHP + Soap GetFolderRequest

    Dear all,

    I'm having problems grasping the Zimbra SOAP API, and I have a hard time finding good documentation.

    I have managed to successfully connect and authenticate against zimbra using:


    where zimbra-vm is the zimbra server on my LAN. This gives me an authToken and a SessionId.

    Using the authToken I can use the


    to retrieve data.

    However I fail to use the service/soap/GetFolderRequest.

    I have tired both http://zimbra-vm:80/soap/GetFolderRequest

    Using http and port 80 I get an UNKNWON_DOCUMENT error (in mailbox.log) and using https and port 7071 gives me an Request not allowed on port 7071 FAILURE (mailbox.log).

    I would be happy if somebody could help me and perhaps clarify when andwhere to use use http...:80 and https...:7071.

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