Hi Zimbra folks,

As you can see there are some threads about integrating Zimbra with other services such as Samba (http://www.zimbra.com/forums/showthr...newpost&t=310). I think what we (the users) really want is to use Zimbra Administrator Console to manage all of our services, not just use Zimbra-MTA as the authentication backend. It'd be pretty cool if I could, i.e, create a user in Zimbra Administrator Console, tick the Samba checkbox, some other Samba-specific options appear, just tick, tick and tick...after that not only my user has access to Zimbra but he is also joined into my Samba domain using only one account.

Of course, Zimbra itself and you guys as Zimbra's main developers dont need to know anything about Samba or such service, we can code for ourselves but we need your help. It'd be great if you allow us to register our hooks into the Admin API, i.e, when creating a user, after calling all Zimbra's specific method, a chain of hooks into "creating user" action is also executed. In this case, we dont need to break Zimbra existing code (and busy patching when you guys release a new version), we just write we need as seperate code (and contribute back to the community as, i.e, Zimbra Extensions :-)).

What do you think?