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Thread: Zimbra ThirsParty/Perl Make file is Getting Failure

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    Default Zimbra ThirsParty/Perl Make file is Getting Failure

    Iam running perl make file in thirdparty for zimbra.But while running iam getting issues in the following.Please help me in this issue.The out error is as follows

    mkdir -p tmp
    Compiling perl lib DBI
    We have to reconfigure due to following uninitialized parameters:

    cpan_home, keep_source_where, build_dir, build_cache, scan_cache, index_expire, gzip, tar, unzip, make, pager, makepl_arg, make_arg, make_install_arg, urllist, inhibit_startup_message, ftp_proxy, http_proxy, no_proxy, prerequisites_policy, cache_metadata

    /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.6/CPAN/ initialized.

    Select your continent (or several nearby continents) []
    Sorry! since you don't have any existing picks, you must make a
    geographic selection.

    (1) Africa
    (2) Asia
    (3) Central America
    (4) Europe
    (5) North America
    (6) Oceania
    (7) South America


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    Did you choose a geographic location from that selection? If you did what happens?


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