Hello everybody,

As i got deeper into my studies on ZCS, i discovered some strange things. For example, at my 'user' table in the 'mysql' database (which controls the access rights), i have two different entries for 'root', one for host 'localhost' and the other one for host 'localhost.localdomain'. I already found in MySQL's docs that this controls different types of connection (first one for UNIX socket, and second one for TCP). But what i can't understand is why are these passwords different (at least the encrypted outputs i see when i do 'select password from user' are different). I ran this script that outputs the 'mysql_root_password' (zmsetvars) and i can obtain the password for host 'localhost'. But how do i get the password for 'localhost.localdomain'? And even more important, what is it used for?

I hope someone can explain me that...

Thanks a lot,