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Thread: Question about handlerObject and ContentObject in Zimlet spec

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    Default Question about handlerObject and ContentObject in Zimlet spec


    Can anyone elaborate more about what's the "handlerObject" and how it associates with contentObject? I read the white paper and found little explanation about that?

    Also is there certain method of "handlerObject" invoked automatically? such as its constructor or "init" function?


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    AFAIK handlerObject is the actual Zimlet javascript code, and yes many of its methods get invoked automatically, that's how frameworks work generally. For example, when you switch tabs (mail -> appointments), all zimlets have their initializeToolbar method called. When an object is dropped on a panel zimlet, it has its doDrop method called and so on.

    contentObject is something you declare in the XML definition file of your zimlet to actually match certain strings or regular exepressions in any content in the zimbra interface (in emails, in contact notes, in appointements notes etc.), so the two are not really related.

    You can of course create a zimlet that have both a contentObject and a handlerObject, each offering a set of features for your zimlet to play with.

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