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    Default Modified window title


    I've been doing some search work on this form and on the net, but I can't seem to find the answer to my question.
    My question is: How can i change the window (or tab) title of my mailboxes from Zimbra: Inbox into [AccountName]: Inbox

    I know how to change this title, but I can't seem to find how I can put a variable (AccountName) into it. Is this possible?

    I need something like:

    zimbraTitle = {0}

    where {0} = AccountName



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    No idea's?

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    I've been looking for a way to change the window title too.

    Having many tabs open in any modern browser, it seems like a waste of space to prefix the window title with "Zimbra"..

    But I haven't found a way to remove it or replace it yet.

    One of the drawbacks with an environment as complex as Zimbra is that it sometimes takes hours to find a single reference or example for a configuration item. To make matters worse, a lot of information is "missing" from the Wiki, docs, and other sources I would have expected to be kept up-to-date.


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