Is there any chance anyone has the ability to code in OpenID acceptance into the logon module and add it to the methods by which a user can log in? This is a bug that was opened in May 2007 and nobody has even touched it.

I now have access to quite a few systems including Joomla that support this out of the box, and usability is so much better that it is scandalous that a commercially sponsored system lags behind.

I am planning to use a commercially hosted provider for an email setup, and I already use hosted Zimbra personally. Without OpenID support I may have to look elsewhere for the larger setup which is both disappointing and annoying.

About the only caveat with OpenID is that you have to choose your provider with care (which is why I would recommend against Zimbra becoming a provider, get the accepter part stable first).

If you need a guinea pig, well, "oink oink", but please start looking at this now. It is no longer some esoteric idea, OpenID works.

Hereby endeth my whinge

(well, unless you could look at improved Outlook integration (aka Exchange replacement). Google's done it from the server side which means nil client install requirements to share calendaring - warrants a separate thread, I think, but not my immediate focus).