Hello Everyone,

Iam looking for information on zimbra/zcs *developer* build. On which distribution and which release(probably the latest)
is the developer build supported.

I tried building FRANKLIN on CentOS-5 (Managed to get the binary version of the _build_ up and running. FYI - This build builds from the source, the ThirdPartyBuilds and the ZimbraBuild into rpm's and install.sh installs the
rpm's under /opt/zimbra.)

This is "OK". However doing a developer build (to get zimbra running under localhost, and with the local user) complains of missing packages, and it looks like it is not supported.

Even tried the latest release GNR-D5 but developer build fails.
It's not very comfortable hacking under a source which produces rpm's and requiring installation everytime there is rebuild.

Any help/suggestions ?