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Thread: Where to add some .jar file for JSP?

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    Default Where to add some .jar file for JSP?


    I have a JSP file which uses some third party JAR files, I am wondering where to put those jar files so the JSP can be find those jar file and compiled during run time?

    I tried to put it in /opt/zimbra/lib/jars directory. but doesn't seem to be working.


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    Hi Jason
    Have you figured it out yet where to put the new jar file ?
    I need add one jar file to use it in zimlets.
    Shall i add it in service/WEB-INF/lib ?

    Please reply

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    When you bundle your Zimlet (with the JAR) into a ZIP and perform a deploy, the JAR will automatically be copied into the correct location. You need to perform a server restart for the JAR to be read.

    When using the dev directory, you need to copy the JAR into place manually. This section of the Zimlet Dev Guide talks about Java + JSP with Zimlets and where to place the JAR file(s):

    ZCS 6.0:Zimlet Developers Guide:Java and JSP - Zimbra :: Wiki

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