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Thread: get a random sample of user account growth by month

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    Default get a random sample of user account growth by month

    Here's some perl code that may or may not be useful for someone. It's a script to connect to a ZCS instance, get the number of accounts on that system, randomly select a 99% confidence sample with a 4% margin of error, then output the growth by month of those accounts.

    You will need to put a file called "auth.yaml" in the script directory, the format is in the script:
     ldaphost: LDAP-HOSTNAME-HERE
     imaphost: IMAP-HOSTNAME-HERE
     binddn: uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra
     bindpass: SOMETHING
     authuser: SOMEONE
     authpass: SOMETHING
    Output looks something like:, Oct-2008, 1240517, Nov-2008, 892160, Dec-2008, 418252, Jan-2009, 317260, Feb-2009, 470876, Mar-2009, 1017728

    To modify the date range, you'll need to edit the script at line 84 and change "( year => 2008, month => 5 )" to whatever you need.

    I like to redirect the output from the script to a .csv file. You can then perform whatever analysis you want

    use Mail::IMAPClient;
    use Data::Dumper;
    use List::Util qw(sum shuffle);
    use DateTime;
    use Net::LDAP;
    use Config::YAML;
    use MIME::Base64;
    Comments, modifications greatly appreciated
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