Hi everyone.

I need an advice.
Is the any way in ZCS to create new e-mail message in browser window with attached files?

I've seen great link Mailto Links and Zimbra [How to] - Zomgee

Author suggests to use link like .../zimbra?app=mail&view=compose&to=abbeyvet@outfront. net&bcc=apple@apple.com&subject=Hello%20Katherine& body=test

It works but w/o attachments.

As I see I have to use SOAP calls for my purpose.

Dear all. Honestly speaking I'm new in SOAP and etc.

Could someone point me the right way how to make massage with predefined attachment.
I'm going to call special script on client's computer and transfer attachment as parameter.

It should be something like
user$ send_by_zimbra.sh ./file.txt user2@foo.com "Mail Subject"

Thank you in advance.