We are a modest IT solutions based company that presently provides email services to a customer/email-base exceeding 100,000 users (with a forecasted growth out to 250,000 within the next four years). The steady growth we've seen over the past few years means that a redesign and redeployment of a new email solution is inevitable. Our investigations into new and different technologies have lead us to Zimbra. It's been interesting to see that Zimbra has addressed many of the design considerations we've identified as relevant to our company. As such, I've been studying the online Zimbra documentation, reading through the forums and have installed the latest Zimbra beta on a development box for testing. At this point, I still have a number of unanswered questions - it's not to say the answers arn't out there but is to say I've been unable to find the answers thus far... It's my hope that someone out there will be able to offer advice or any personal experience with the following:

- Is there an anticipated release date for a production/stable version of Zimbra?
- Has there been much interest expressed by commercial or third party vendors in "professional" Zimbra support contracts? This isn't a show-stopper for us but might be a consideration.
- The scalability of any email solution is of concern to us. The Zimbra "architecture" should scale well, however, in practice, has anybody hosted/experimented with Zimbra for a *large* number of users with a *large* mail throughput? To what extent has Zimbra been stress-tested? Initial in-house experimentation has shown that the Zimbra suite take approximately 5 minutes to initiate on a 2.0GHz P4 test box with 1GB RAM. I haven't as yet loaded the Zimbra server but will be very interested to see how it copes when I do.
- I've struggle to find much information on the Zimbra clustering architecture and how it should be practically implemented - perhaps I've missed a technical references in my searching? This is a path down which I'm sure we'll need to proceed.
- Has anyone expressed interest in supplying patches to SpamAssassin to enable parsing of the Zimbra message store and in-turn training of system-wide or user-specific Bayesian databases? This would allow for incorrectly classified messages to be re-learned...
- Is multi-lingual support road-mapped for Zimbra?

Any help that could be offered on any of the questions raised above would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,