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Thread: Deploy Update Source in Windows Dev Env

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    Default Deploy Updated ZimbraMail_all.js in Windows Dev Env

    I've got Zimbra running in Eclipse on my windows machine. Your ant tasks are very helpful. However, we have updated the ZimbraMail_all.js file to add in some icons and features for composing/replying to an email. When we copy this file onto our linux deploy and zmcontrol stop/start the changes take effect. However, when I replaced the file under the local tomcat deployment and bounce tomcat the changes are not showing up.

    Obviously, I need to take an additional step to have our source code deploy in my local environment, can you assist me in what that might be?

    Do I need to replace your default file, and re-create the zimbra.war?

    Your help is appreciated.

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    You need to make sure that you replace both the .js and .zgz version. You also need to make sure that on your dev box you used the 'prod-deploy' target. If you use just deploy then the init JSP's will point to the individual .js files instead of the combined JS files you've changed.
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