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Thread: Updated cvs build instructions?

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    Default Updated cvs build instructions?

    Hi, I downloaded cvs tarball today to have a go at compiling it on an old sparc box i use for dev stuff. The cvs build doc seems to be very old, pretty much unaltered from the original posting, is there a more up to date one?

    also, has any work been done on porting it to solaris? i see it`s been mentioned a couple of times as a `nice to do but not much customer demand for it`, but i know you guys are solaris groupies really

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    Yes the doc is a bit out dated. Still possible to wade through it but we need to add that back to our list. Solaris is still *out there* but we've not progressed much. At this time our new build focus is 64bit so that will take the lead over Solaris for the near future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinH
    At this time our new build focus is 64bit

    good to hear!!!

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