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Thread: Zimbra calendar SOAP interface

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    Default Zimbra calendar SOAP interface

    I'm using the Zimbra SOAP API to get todays appointments. I do also want the instance details so I could use those to detect unique items.

    I have, in the day on which i'm searching 5 appointments, but when I search I get only 1 appointment, not 5. Some recurring items are left out. But on some occasions (other dates for example), they are not left out. So I don't understand the behavior of the SearchRequest on the appointments.

    This is my SOAP Request:
        <SearchRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraMail" types="appointment" limit="500" fetch="all" calExpandInstStart="1258585200000" calExpandInstEnd="1258671599000">
          <query>appt-start:11/19/2009  sort:dateasc</query>
    I do saw this note in the documentation:
    ***IMPORTANT NOTE: Calendar Items that have no instances within
       that range are COMPLETELY EXCLUDED from the results (e.g. not even
       an <appt> element>.  Calendar Items with no data (such as Tasks
       with no date specified) are included, but with no instance
    But because there are appointments on that day, I guess that they should not be excluded.

    I see other people using GetApptSummariesRequest, but since the documentation says it's deprecated, I wanted to use SearchRequest, as it's mentioned. However I find it does not find all appointments.

    Sorry for the lack of explaination, but at the moment I cannot do any better.
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    For the sake of debugging I have tried to use GetApptSummaryRequest, using the following request:
        <GetApptSummariesRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraMail" s="1258585200000" e="1258671599000"/>
    It gets me all the items (5 of them). But appart from the appointment, which was showed by the SearchRequest, the other items are empty. So I guess they do really don't have an instance between that start and end date.

    How do I get all the appointments between begindate/time and enddate/time? With all items, even recurring?

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