I am begining to look at Zimbra to upgrade our mail system here and based on my first review of the docs, source and on-line demo the system looks very good but of course I have a few questions.

First I did not see any info on setting up the internal global address list or editing it, giving privlages to spcific users to add to the GAL or to copy contacts from there list to the GAL, at what point in the development is this planed? Also I could not find any details on the LDAP GAL layout that the internal GAL will have (it is in the source of course but I have not found it yet).

In the admin. manual wrt backups the instructions are to shut down the server to do the backup, I don't understand this requirment, all of the storage systems should be able to handle backups without shutdown (hot), why is it necessary to do a cold backup?

We currently use postgresql for all of our DBMS needs are they any plans to allow other database system then Mysql to be used; in my first quick review of the source I did not see any show stoppers on this, I would think that other DBMS support would be of higher value that for example Windows server support.

I noticed that you suguest that the server disks be set up with a single partition for everything execpt for /boot, and that you use /opt for both the code and the data stores, is is posible to set up so that the software is in say /opt/zimbra and the storage of user data is in /var/zimbra?

I assume that outlook MAPI Calendar and Contact sync is part of the "Network" version in release one. what is the plan for SyncML and Firebird/Eolution Cal/Cont sync. Also will it be posible to "mark" items in the GAL to be synced with a user's off line devices?