I would like to implement voicemail functionality with Zimbra - so, somebody could leave voice message to customer, customer can later log in (via phone) and listen to this message. The first part is ok - the message with wav file attachment is in the mailbox. But then - I'm really confused. The issue is about password for logging into mailbox. When subscriber calls in, he can provide only DTMF input (which is digits only). But, I can't authenticate this user in Zimbra - because there he has password with digits, punctuation sighs and etc ...). So, do you have any idea, how would it be possible to implement user authentication with password, other than stored in Zimbra for accessing web interface?

For example, I could use some other field in LDAP to store digits-only password, and authenticate user against that. But, even if user enters digits pass correctly - I still need to provide his real password in IMAP client in order to fetch the message and play voice attachment to the user. And, this actual password is stored in LDAP encrypted - so I can't read it.