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Thread: Change STeel__BG.gif

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    Question Change STeel__BG.gif

    Hi to all.
    It would like to change the Steel__BG.gif image that is of deep.
    I changed in this address /zimbra/img/loRes/skins/steel/Steel__BG.gif.
    When I brought up to date modified, but when I entered in the webmail, he kept old the Steel__BG.gif image.
    How I modify so that after entering in the webmail, it it keeps the image that I changed?
    I am thankful anticipatedly.
    It forgives me for the errors

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    This file is combined at build time with other images. So to change it you'd need to change the source then get the ImageMerge tool from our source and re-combine the images. In the next version you can make all these changes with CSS, so might be worth trying a test of 3.2 for this work.
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