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    Question Missing build instructions and also MacOS X related issues.

    I just downloaded the source (zcs-3.0.M1_21) on my MacOS X 10.4 system and noticed that there were no build instructions. At this point I have compiled all the java source and attempted to build the C/C++ code in the ZimbraNative directory, but failed with errors.

    Just to document what I did, from the source base directory:

    ant -f Ajax/build.xml
    ant -f ZimbraCharset/build.xml
    ant -f ZimbraServer/build.xml
    ant -f ZimbraWebClient/build.xml
    cd ZimbraBuild
    cd ../ZimbraNative

    Are there any instructions? What is the minimum I need to build to get a working install?
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    I just noticed that the documentation is in the ZimbraServer/docs folder of the source distribution.
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    Yep seems like you found our install docs. It should be noted the source release only compiles out of the box on Red Hat ES4 and Fedora. Most of this is just due to pkg'ing. We'll be getting more platforms supported soon.

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