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Thread: How to get the aliases of a specific account holder

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    Smile How to get the aliases of a specific account holder


    I am able to connect to the soap admin via curl and get authenticated. My concern is I need to get the aliases(alias e-mail address & target e-mail address) of a specific user. I am connected via admin, just don't now what soap request to use.

    I have tried to use this soap request but only accounts work and aliases return non:

    <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
    <context xmlns="urn:zimbra">
    <authToken>' . $authToken . '</authToken>
    <sessionId id="' . $sessionId . '">' . $sessionId . '</sessionId>

    <SearchDirectoryRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraAdmin" offset="0" limit="0" sortBy="name" sortAscending="1"
    attrs="displayName, zimbraId, uid, description, EmailAddress, zimbraAccountStatus" types="accounts">
    <query xmlns="">!(mail=*archive)</query>


    Help is much appreciated. Feedbacks and ideas.. Thanks...

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    This helped for me:

    zmprov -l ga username@domain | grep mail:

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