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    we want to count the user activitys with a java script from our provider(Countpixel). Now I wanted to ask where we can place the code for counting when for example a user change in the webclient from mail to contacs or to the briefacase.

    We have put the code in a DIV Container in the skin.html File. But then only logon and logoff is recognized bei the script.

    <!-- OEWA VERSION="1.4" -->
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!--
    var OEWA="";
    document.write("<IMG SRC=\""+OEWA+"?r="+escape(document.referrer)
    +"&d="+(new Date()).getTime()+"\" WIDTH=\"1\" HEIGHT=\"1\">"); // -->
    <IMG SRC=""
    <!-- /OEWA-->
    <!-- FraBo -->
    <SCRIPT SRC="" language="Javascript">

    regards tom
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