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Thread: [SOLVED] How can i build install4j exe ?

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    Default [SOLVED] How can i build install4j exe ?

    i have pre-version of install4j and ./ -d successfully finished

    but when i run install4j and saw Files tab

    it looks like some directories are missing.

    zdesktop.webapp - Contents of ./build/dist/zdesktop.webapp
    profile - Contents of ./build/dist/profile

    would you teach me how am i generate that directories?

    i know 'ant offline-reset-the-world' command
    but this command generates developer version of zdesktop.

    i want a perfect version of release-able exe.

    Thank you for reading this.

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    hi ..
    This topic is marked solved ... But i need to know how to create the installer using install4j .... i have built the Zimbra ... what are my next steps..
    Thanks in Advance

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