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    ok basically i have my zimbra server on an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and a samba file server.

    The Samba has a documents folder that is shared by the 3 employee's who work for the company. The problem is that these employee's each have hundreds of clients who send them word documents and pdf's and have to respond and change these documents. What im Looking to do is that whenever an email comes in and has an extension with (.doc, .rtf etc....) to automatically download from Zimbra to this share folder on the same machine. Then when i go to the documents section on zimbra its displaying the documents that are stored on the machine (the documents are no longer in the email (but it has in the documents folder which email address the document originally came from). Then they can edit the documents etc.. which is editing the documents in the share folder. (when using the online ajax client it will open the editor in the software and maybe when using the desktop client use microsoft word. ALso to have hte functionality when deleting the document from Zimbra it deletes from the fileshare? (remember file and and zimbra are on the same computer?

    how would i set this up?

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    Do not post duplicate messages in the forums on the same topic, one will suffice.

    Why are you posting your questions in the Developers forum? What type of project are you actually developing?


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    basically a way to edit .doc files or .docx files in the editor...

    also so that when attachement from a certain email address comes in it is automatically downloaded to the briefcase..

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