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Thread: Another Solaris build problem

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    Default Another Solaris build problem

    Trying to do a build in ZimbraBuild and I am running into this file copy problem. It would appear that $SHARED_EXT is getting reset somewhere to think I am building on OSX....
    cp -pr /home/jacob/zimbra/main/ZimbraBuild/../ZimbraNative/build/libzimbra-native.jnilib /home/jacob/zimbra/main/ZimbraBuild/corebuild/opt/zimbra/lib
    cp: cannot access /home/jacob/zimbra/main/ZimbraBuild/../ZimbraNative/build/libzimbra-native.jnilib
    make: *** [/home/jacob/zimbra/main/ZimbraBuild/corebuild/opt/zimbra/lib] Error 2
    I have setup the Makefile in ZimbraNative to use .so for the extension and it is being created. Where might I look for the cp that is trying to happen here?

    Thanks in advance

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    Never mind the question I figured it out. I had a typo in definition file I wrote up for solaris

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