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Thread: Java code to Add a mail account from External Web Server

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    Default Java code to Add a mail account from External Web Server


    we are using zimbra colloboration suite 6 as "mail server" in our university. Before creating an account we are providing a registration page to each student and storing that information in Oracle database.

    Upon successful verification of those details we have to create a mail account in zimbra.

    I have written JAVA code for connecting Zimbra LDAP from external Server .I have No idea about the schema used for mail account in zimbra LDAP.

    ""So can any one help me in writing JAVA program to create Mail Account in zimbra LDAP from external web server""

    thanks in advance

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    Have you searched the forums, IIRC, there's several threads with code-snippets for a front-end for creating a user in Zimbra.


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