Hi guys,

I see that there's no shared contacts yet (right?). Well, what I want to do is the following:

I have an external database (postgresql and that ain't gonna change) with some user information (e-mail addresses, names, various info) - I want to integrate this information with Zimbra, so that I can mouse-over an e-mail address (the From: field for starters) and immediately see some of this information (like if I had added the user to my contacts).

I have a group of people who will need to see this information, so copying the outside data source into my own contacts would be a little silly. Also, I would want to have the information update as the outside data source changes.

Now, I figure there are several ways to cut this cake... I could run a cron job to periodically migrate information from the outside data source into Zimbra (but where would the information go - how would it get into Zimbra?).

Or, somehow Zimbra could be told to use a web application to query the outside data source for information about a given e-mail address (or name or ...)

Are both possible? How would I go about the latter? Is there documentation I could read on this?

Any ideas or suggestions on how to go about this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys