hi !

i am actually following the soap-calendar1.txt documentation about soap query.

Around line 49, there is :
// -----------------
// This is the API to create a new Appointment, optionally sending out
// meeting Invitations to other people.
<m f="{flags}" l="{folder}"> // See soap.txt for complete list of attrs on <m>
[<e .../>*] // users to send request to

<inv [uid="uid-for-create"]> // optional: client can request the UID to use
i don't know what does the <su> mean for....because even if i put it a value, it is not reporting in zimbra.

Here my example of what i send to server :
<CreateAppointmentRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraMail">
	<m xmlns="" l="10">
			<comp status="CONF" fb="B" class="PUB" transp="O" allDay="0" name="un nom" loc="une localisation">
				<s tz="Europe/Brussels" d="20100427T120000"/>
				<e tz="Europe/Brussels" d="20100427T180000"/>
				<or a="michael@meyer.fr" d="Michael meyer"/>
		<su> hello what it is</su>
		<mp ct="multipart/alternative">
			<mp ct="text/plain">
			<mp ct="text/html">

it seems that the name attribut in the comp Tag takes the real subject information that will be insert into my calendar...

In the reverse way, when i do it in webmail online and analyze the soap query, the su tag is set too while name is too.

is it a duplicate forgotten element ou did i make an error somewhere ?