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Thread: Zimbra Soap API for getting all free users for a specific time slot

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    Default Zimbra Soap API for getting all free users for a specific time slot

    Hey, I've been working with the PHP zimbra soap library, recently added as a developer to add to it.

    I'm working on a project where we want to do a search for available people over the whole domain. I had a read through the soap apis but couldn't seem to find such functionality.

    I had a read the other day about perhaps extending zimbra to add such a soap call, but might be in a little over my head, especially as I am supposed to be writing frontend code in JS and using calls from the backend developers code.

    Does anyone know any more about this? would really appreciate it as we want to use zimbra for a backend store and use its calendaring functions + invites instead of recreating the wheel.
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