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Thread: override display of attachments?

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    Default override display of attachments?

    I would like to override the default way that attachments are rendered. The code appears to be in ZmMailMsgView.prototype._getAttachmentHtml. I think I have to work on the ZmMailMsgView instance, though, not the prototype, right? I know how to get to the ZmMailMsgView instance, so I tried this but it didn't appear to do anything:

    var msgView = ...; // get the instance here
    msgView._oldGetAttachmentHtml = msgView._getAttachmentHtml;
    msgView._getAttachmentHtml = function(msg, htmlArr, idx) {
    alert('idx == ' + idx);
    return msgView._oldGetAttachmentHtml(msg, htmlArr, idx);

    I put that code in an init() of a Zimlet but when I view a message that has attachments I don't see the alert I expect. Does anyone have any info on how to do something like this?

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    Which version of the code are you looking at? I'm looking at 4.0 and I think the method you want is called: ZmMailMsgView.prototype._setAttachmentLinks
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