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Thread: FC5 x86-64 bit build etc.

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    Default FC5 x86-64 bit build etc.

    I have just built from SVN for FC5 x86-64. (Not installed and working yet)

    For me building from SVN was quite a time consuming and unpleasant experience. Documentation text files, Config files (plat_common.def), and individual makefiles refer to different versions of packages. The build process depends on files that don't exist (ZimbraServer/src/windows/*.exe), and dependencies on wiki-init in ZimbraServer/build.xml don't seem to be correct (Haven't determined exactly what the problem was but after adding wiki-init ot dev-dist target things worked.)

    What is the most common configurations of people running on FC5 x86-64. Can any others out there running on this platform comment. Are you all running the FC5-i386 beta? Did you all build from SVN and find it simple?

    Would it be a good idea to put up a wiki page where people could document which combination of versions of the different packages have been verified to work?

    Is there any hope for an FC5 X86-64 binary release?

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